Amnesty International’s vision of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human right standards. In pursuit of this vision, Amnesty International’s mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights, within the context of its work to promote all human rights.

Board council

Between the Annual Meetings, activities of AI Mongolia shall be conducted by the Board Council which is elected by the Annual Meeting

Constitution of Amnesty International Mongolia - Article 11

Bolorsaikhan B
Chairperson of AI Mongolia
Tuvshintulga A
Vice-chair of AI Mongolia
Ganchimeg S
Board Member & Treasurer of Al Mongolia
Enkhtuya B
Board member
Responsible for campaigns
Otgonchimeg A
Board Member
Responsible for Human Rights Education
Batbaatar M
Board member
Responsible for campaigns
Baldorj Z
Board member 
Responsible for Membership
Janerke T
Board member
Responsible for the Media
Urangoo S
Board member
Responsible for Youth
Auditing council

The Auditing Council shall supervise any decision’s implement on the AGM and any fulfillment of the constitution of the AI Mongolia, and activities of the Board Council and Executive Committee and shall report in AGM for considering.

Constitution of Amnesty International Mongolia - Article 26

Munkhjavkhlan B
Chair of the Monitoring Council
Ochirbat S
Member of the Monitoring Council
Otgongerel M
Member of the Monitoring Council
Executive Committee

The day-to-day affairs of the AIM shall be conducted by The Executive Committee, which is appointed by the Board Council.

Constitution of Amnesty International Mongolia - Article 25

Altantuya B
Executive Director
Amarzaya G
Campaign coordinator
Munkhjargal P
Campaign coordinator
Ariunaa T
Tsendsuren P
Membership and Liaison Coordinator
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Эмнести Интернэшнл Хүний эрхийн хамгаалагчдын аюулгүй байдлыг хангаж Panic button гэх байршил тогтоогч программ гаргасан. МЭИ нь энэхүү програмыг гишүүд, дэмжигч нарт танилцуулан, хэрхэн гар утсандаа суулгаж ашиглах талаарх зааварчилгааг өглөө.

Human Rights Friendly Schools

Эмнести Интернэшнлийн сургуулиудад хэрэгжүүлж буй анхны хүний эрхийн боловсролын хөтөлбөр

Abolish the death penalty

Thousands of people around the world are waiting for governments to kill them.

Demand Dignity

Join the campaign against human rights abuses that keep people poor.

Stop torture

The so-called 'war on terror' has led to an erosion of fundamental human rights

Human rights education

The right to live in dignity, with access to health care, education, secure housing and an adequate livelihood is fundamental.
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