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‘People live here. Even after the bulldozers and bullets, people live here. Look at us. We are going to transform this city. Join our campaign’.
Prince Peter, former resident of Njemanze waterfront (now demolished)

People Like You and Me

All kinds of people live in the waterfronts of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. At least 200,000, a quarter of the city. Architects, hair dressers, teachers, footballers, shop owners, civil servants, engineers, lawyers, schoolchildren, welders, policewomen, musicians, bank clerks, marine biologists, house painters, pastors, plumbers and politicians.

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Human Rights Friendly Schools

Эмнести Интернэшнлийн сургуулиудад хэрэгжүүлж буй анхны хүний эрхийн боловсролын хөтөлбөр

Abolish the death penalty

Thousands of people around the world are waiting for governments to kill them.

Demand Dignity

Join the campaign against human rights abuses that keep people poor.

Stop torture

The so-called 'war on terror' has led to an erosion of fundamental human rights

Human rights education

The right to live in dignity, with access to health care, education, secure housing and an adequate livelihood is fundamental.
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