Shell: Own up, Pay up, Clean up

Amnesty International is calling for a comprehensive clean-up of the Niger Delta, and effective remedies for those affected.


Stop corporate abuse in the Niger Delta

Corporations frequently exploit the weak regulatory systems in many poor countries, making people living in poverty some of the most vulnerable to corporate human rights abuses.
People living in the oil-producing areas of Nigeria’s Niger Delta have seen their human rights undermined by an industry that their government cannot or will not hold to account. Oil pollution has damaged traditional livelihoods such as fishing and agriculture, put people’s health at risk and undermined access to safe food and clean water. Many victims have not had access to justice or redress.


The Nigerian government has failed to hold the oil industry to account for widespread pollution in the Niger Delta. Pollution threatens people's health, contaminates food and drinking water, and damages livelihoods, pushing people deeper into poverty.

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Human Rights Friendly Schools

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Abolish the death penalty

Thousands of people around the world are waiting for governments to kill them.

Demand Dignity

Join the campaign against human rights abuses that keep people poor.

Stop torture

The so-called 'war on terror' has led to an erosion of fundamental human rights

Human rights education

The right to live in dignity, with access to health care, education, secure housing and an adequate livelihood is fundamental.
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